Why Choose Us

New Road Capital is an independent investment management company, specialising in Fund of Fund (FoF) and Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) services to assist financial advisers in offering their clients sound investment advice and effective implementation of that advice.

We know how time- and resource-intensive the process of assembling your own portfolio from various components can be, and we also know that getting it wrong can have increasingly severe implications. Thus, New Road Capital undertakes in-depth research of asset allocations and offers a competitive rate for this service.

New Road Capital partners with financial advisers who recognise the importance of the investment function and the long-term benefits of sharing the responsibility with investment specialists.

We offer two primary services to our clients, namely:

New Road Capital believes in a collaborative investment approach, whereby both active and passive investment strategies are employed. Additionally, a combination of quantitative and qualitative tools are applied to the construction of portfolios so that a balance between risk and reward is achieved. As a result, our solutions are specifically customised to your client’s risk profile, competitively priced, and aligned with market conditions at all times, offering a clear value add for financial advisers.

We know that you, as financial advisers, have various demands on your time but, by partnering with New Road Capital, a long-term partnership is formed that affords you the opportunity to focus on developing trusting relationships with your clients and growing your business.

Adviser Benefits

New Road Capital is an adviser-focused investment management service that offers you the following benefits:

You do not need to spend so much time analysing the investment universe. Instead, you will have access to a specialised investment team, along with their systems and research, who can do this for you.

You do not need to worry about checking that each of your client’s portfolios is up-to-date and that the asset allocations are performing in-line with current economic conditions. All of this is done on your behalf and you can sit back, relax, and focus on other important aspects of your business.

We will send monthly email updates to you that include both performance and manager commentary. We will also prepare timely communications specific to each of the solutions your clients are placed in should there be a market shock, such as Nene Gate or Brexit.

We improve the value proposition to you by giving you direct access to the management team and their expertise, should you or your clients have queries or feedback.

Your LISP arrangements might have limited access to the total investment universe, but we have access to a wide range of investment opportunities in our Funds of Funds.

Our highly qualified team dedicates a lot of time into conducting research in order to cater to your clients’ needs, preferred levels of risk, and required long term performance objectives, saving you time and effort.

Your clients will receive access to exclusive events specifically aimed at providing them with information on their portfolios as a whole.

We work with you to offer your client a specialised investment team and eliminate the pressure of having to make tough investment decisions on your own.


Client Benefits

New Road Capital can benefit your clients in the following ways:

By partnering with us, the adviser ensures that all client portfolios with a similar risk profile are treated equally, fairly, and uniformly regardless of the amount invested.

We ensure that clients are kept informed on a monthly basis and during times of economic change.

We afford small retail investors access to professional portfolio managers at institutional rates, which are more cost-effective.

By working with you as a team, and following a proactive investment approach, we offer your clients an extra layer of governance that can help put their minds at ease.

Our extensive research allows us to select the best managers and strategies in the field, adding credence to your clients’ portfolios.

Clients will not be impacted by Capital Gains Tax when we rebalance or switch between portfolios or asset classes within the Funds of Funds.

Our Mission

Our mission is to aid advisers in fulfilling their promises to their clients by:

  1. Equipping them with a holistic portfolio to service their clients in such a way that further investment is encouraged, and client retention is improved.
  2. Ensuring that all of the clients who are invested with us receive an efficient and cost-effective service that will cater to their needs.

The team at New Road Capital has worked to provide a product and service that we are confident in, and that we entrust with our own, as well as our loved ones, investments. We value the opportunity to do the same for all who entrust their investments to us.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see more clients experience consistent and cost-effective investment in their portfolios. This is done by investing in holistic solutions that utilise a broad range of asset classes, strategies, and product providers that align with client needs on an ongoing basis.

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