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Below is a collection of the latest news & insights published either by the team here at New Road Capital or alternatively issued by one of our various partner fund managers whose offerings form part of our solutions.

Choosing your investment vehicle

Cash is now like a safe car with a top speed of only 30km/h. In the same vein, bonds are also relatively safe, but can reach a top speed of 120km/h, delivering better returns that 'super-safe' cash. 

Satiating the Appetite for Global Exposure with a New Fund Launch – November 2020

Over the last few years, the appetite for offshore exposure in retail client’s investment portfolios has increased dramatically. Consequently, many fund managers and product providers have launched offshore products in order to service this increased need.

Growth vs Value

This week Paul has a look at the relative performance of the S&P 500 Growth Index vs the S&P 500 Value Index.
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What Most Active vs. Passive Debates Miss

When it comes to the choice between active and passive, investors have at least three questions to consider. …

Dividends – The Silent Income

When investors talk about equities, they usually discuss the price of a company’s share, and whether that price offers value based on the company’s prospects. While this is important, an often overlooked but significant aspect of equity investing is the dividend that is paid out to the investor as a result of the ownership of the share over time. This month's insight piece looks at how much of an impact dividend income has on an investor's portfolio return and why it shouldn't be quickly overlooked.

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