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Below is a collection of the latest news & insights published either by the team here at New Road Capital or alternatively issued by one of our various partner fund managers whose offerings form part of our solutions.

Episode 2 Asset Class Overviews – Bonds & Credit

This week New Road Capital’s CIO, Paul Fouchè, discusses bonds & credit.


The Covid-19 pandemic emphasised how behavioural can impact our investment decisions. The team at New Road Capital had a look at the behavioural gap and how our emotional decisions can sometimes negatively affect our investment returns.

Youtube: Asset class overview

This is the first episode of our new series Asset Class Overviews. We start the series with the bonds and credit asset class. In this episode, the team discuss the difference between bonds and credit, who issues them as well as the different type of bonds.

Over A Billion Were Unwilling To Get Vaccinated In 2020

This chart shows the share of the population unwilling to take a Covid-19 vaccine in selected countries in 2020.

Episode 4 – Alpha and Beta

This week New Road Capital’s CIO, Paul Fouché, discusses alpha and beta.

Taxing The Rich: How America’s Marginal Tax Rate Evolved

This chart shows the historic marginal income tax rates in the U.S.

Episode 2 – Fees Associated with Investing in a Fund

In this episode the New Road Capital team discusses fees associated with investing in a fund. The team explains the management fee and performance fee as well as discuss the costs make up the Total Expense Ratio and the Total Investment Charge.

Episode 2 – Risk Measures

Risk is an important aspect to consider when evaluating an investment. The New Road Capital teams explains standard deviation, maximum drawdown, and the Sharpe ratio which are some commonly used risk measures.

Pandemic Causes Stark Rise in Child Reading Difficulties

This chart shows the number of children in the world below the minimum proficiency level in reading.

New Road Capital Video Series.

Episode 1 - Risk and Return Concepts.


In this month’s article Chris Rule from Coreshares, one of our underlying fund managers, highlights the importance of sticking to your investment risk profile in order to achieve your return objectives over time.

‘My UK colleagues are so jealous of our bond yields’

South African head of investments at PortfolioMetrix, Philip Bradford, believes that local bonds are offering investors significant opportunity.

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