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Below is a collection of the latest news & insights published either by the team here at New Road Capital or alternatively issued by one of our various partner fund managers whose offerings form part of our solutions.

Using forecasts in building portfolios: A perilous undertaking

Investors spend an inordinate amount of time considering what that future might hold and imagining complex scenarios of how events are expected to unfold -- from which judgements are made about whether the current asset price offers value.

Bills, Debts Top Uses for Stimulus Checks

While the money will scale based on how many dependents are in a household, survey data shows how many Americans feel the stimulus money is still too little for many basic needs to be met.

Understanding the rise of DFMs​

Even as recently as five years ago, discretionary fund managers (DFMs) were hardly a feature of the South African investment industry. Since then, however, they have become increasingly influential.

How Holiday Spending Compares Around the World​

While COVID-19 has triggered a tsunami of challenges for retailers the world over, they can take solace in knowing that retail events throughout the year can contribute to an uptick in sales.

Tax Efficient Income

Investors have had a love-hate relationship with the listed preference share market since the asset class first emerged. Initially the preference share market traded at an attractive premium to listing prices, however, this was followed by a downward trend towards their current, deeply discounted level. The asset class has, however, proven to be an excellent diversifier over certain periods.

Vaccine Race Lifts Biotech Shares As Pharma Giants Trot Along

As the race to deliver the first coronavirus vaccine heats up, many investors are considering buying shares of the companies currently ahead of the pack, hoping for a healthy return in case of a breakthrough.

Macro Update & Fund Positioning November 2020

The presentation provides an in depth look into the positioning of the New Road Capital funds over the last quarter. It also provides for a detailed Macro Update.

How SA government bonds are crowding out corporate credit

Granate Asset Management's Bronwyn Blood looks at how corporate bonds are not offering the value that they did in the past.

Tesla is Now the World’s Most Valuable Automaker

The company, which began as a problem-plagued upstart a little over 15 years ago, has now become the world’s most valuable automaker – surpassing industry giants such as Toyota and Volkswagen.

Choosing your investment vehicle

Cash is now like a safe car with a top speed of only 30km/h. In the same vein, bonds are also relatively safe, but can reach a top speed of 120km/h, delivering better returns that 'super-safe' cash. 

Satiating the Appetite for Global Exposure with a New Fund Launch – November 2020

Over the last few years, the appetite for offshore exposure in retail client’s investment portfolios has increased dramatically. Consequently, many fund managers and product providers have launched offshore products in order to service this increased need.

Growth vs Value

This week Paul has a look at the relative performance of the S&P 500 Growth Index vs the S&P 500 Value Index.

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