New Road BCI Stable Fund of Funds

The New Road BCI Stable FoF aims to provide a more cautious investor with a well-diversified, multi-asset investment with a focus on capital stability. This is achieved by limiting drawdowns during times of market volatility and providing a return through a combination of predominantly income and, to a lesser extent, capital growth.

This fund falls within the following ASISA Category:

SA Multi-Asset Low Equity


The fund aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Benchmark: ASISA SA Multi-Asset Low Equity category average
  • Target Return: South African Inflation (CPI) + 3% over a rolling 3-year term


The strategies we employ to achieve the above objectives are:

  • Limit the fund’s total equity exposure to a maximum of 40% of the portfolio’s net asset value, with listed property (limited to 25%) and income instruments comprising the balance.
    (The income component is used to achieve a more stable return profile, because of the yield opportunities on the investments, while the equity component is used to achieve longer-term capital growth and dividends.)
  • Maintain exposure to both local and offshore instruments, with global allocation forming a maximum of 30% of the portfolio’s net asset value.
    (We use our foreign investment allowance to obtain global exposure.)
  • Apply a building block approach to asset allocation to maintain strict control of the asset exposures.
  • Construct the local and offshore equity components of the fund by using a core-satellite approach, whereby low-cost passive solutions are used to gain broad market exposure and well-priced actively managed solutions are used to gain exposure to specific strategies, styles, and risk management methodologies.
  • Use predominantly active solutions to construct the income components of the fund.
  • Ensure that the fund complies with Regulation 28.


Figure 1 shows the portfolio holdings of New Road BCI Stable FoF as at 28 Feb 2021.

Figure 1: New Road BCI Stable FoF Portfolio Holdings

Asset Allocation

Figure 2 depicts the asset allocation of New Road BCI Stable FoF as at 28 Feb 2021.

Figure 2: New Road BCI Stable FoF Asset Allocation

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