New Road BCI Income Fund of Funds

The New Road BCI Income FoF aims to provide a solution to the conservative investor that utilises various yield-bearing instruments to obtain an enhanced level of income, whilst maintaining capital stability.

This fund falls within the following ASISA category:

SA Multi-Asset Income


The fund aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Benchmark: SteFI Composite Index
  • Target Return: South African Inflation (CPI) + 1.5% over a rolling 1-year term


The strategies we employ to achieve the above objectives are:

  • Invest in local income instruments, with total equity exposure limited to a maximum of 10% of the portfolio’s net asset value, and listed property exposure limited to 25%.
  • Use global income instruments if opportunities present themselves.
  • Construct the components of the fund using predominantly active solutions.
  • Ensure that the fund complies with Regulation 28.


Figure 1 shows the portfolio holdings of New Road BCI Income FoF as at 30 Apr 2022.

Figure 1: New Road BCI Income FoF Portfolio Holdings

Asset Allocation

Figure 2 depicts the asset allocation of New Road BCI Income FoF as at 30 Apr 2022.

Figure 2: New Road BCI Income FoF Asset Allocation

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