New Road BCI Global Flexible Fund of Funds

The New Road BCI Global Flexible FoF is designed as a satellite portfolio for clients who would like additional offshore exposure in their portfolios without having to physically take their money offshore. The fund has a flexible mandate, meaning that it can vary widely in its exposure to the various offshore asset classes over time. This portfolio can also be used as a core portfolio for advisers whose clients are only looking for offshore exposure in their investments.

The fund is priced in Rands, however due to the offshore nature of the underlying investments, currency fluctuations will add to short term volatility. The focus is therefore on long-term capital growth.

This fund falls within the following ASISA Category:

Global Multi-Asset Flexible


The fund aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Benchmark: ASISA Global Multi-Asset Flexible category average


The strategies we employ to achieve the above objectives are:

  • Maintain the offshore holdings in the fund to a minimum of 80% of fund value.
  • Apply a building block approach to asset allocation to maintain strict control of the asset exposures.
  • Construct the offshore equity and listed property components of the fund by using a core-satellite approach, whereby low-cost passive solutions are used to gain broad market exposure and well-priced actively managed solutions are used to gain exposure to specific strategies, styles, and risk management methodologies.
  • Use both active and passive solutions to construct the income components of the fund.
  • The fund is not Regulation 28 compliant.


Figure 1 shows the portfolio holdings of New Road BCI Global Flexible FoF as at 30 Apr 2022.

Figure 1: New Road BCI Global Flexible FoF Portfolio Holdings

Asset Allocation

Figure 2 depicts the asset allocation of New Road BCI Global Flexible FoF as at 30 Apr 2022.

Figure 2: New Road BCI Global Flexible FoF Asset Allocation

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