Asset Class Overviews – Cash & Cash Equivalents

This week Jessica joins us to speak about different cash investments.

Asset Class Overview – Property – Episode 1

Sarah, an investment specialist at New Road Capital talks about Property this week in our YouTube video.

Youtube: Asset class overview

This is the first episode of our new series Asset Class Overviews. We start the series with the bonds and credit asset class. In this episode, the team discuss the difference between bonds and credit, who issues them as well as the different type of bonds.

Pandemic Causes Stark Rise in Child Reading Difficulties

This chart shows the number of children in the world below the minimum proficiency level in reading.

Are parents spending less time with their kids?

In many countries the amount of time parents spend with their kids has been increasing over the last 50 years. This is true despite large changes in family structure over this time, such as a rise in single-parenting and a large increase in the share of women working outside the home. Looking carefully at the time parents spend with their kids and the forces that shape this time helps us understand an important aspect of family life and childhood development.

Bills, Debts Top Uses for Stimulus Checks

While the money will scale based on how many dependents are in a household, survey data shows how many Americans feel the stimulus money is still too little for many basic needs to be met.

How Holiday Spending Compares Around the World​

While COVID-19 has triggered a tsunami of challenges for retailers the world over, they can take solace in knowing that retail events throughout the year can contribute to an uptick in sales.

Vaccine Race Lifts Biotech Shares As Pharma Giants Trot Along

As the race to deliver the first coronavirus vaccine heats up, many investors are considering buying shares of the companies currently ahead of the pack, hoping for a healthy return in case of a breakthrough.

Tesla is Now the World’s Most Valuable Automaker

The company, which began as a problem-plagued upstart a little over 15 years ago, has now become the world’s most valuable automaker – surpassing industry giants such as Toyota and Volkswagen.

The World population in 2100…

This week's chart compares different countries' population by 2100 and the growth that they may face despite the decline that they have been showing.