Just thinking long term is not enough

The markets aren't stagnant, why should your portfolio be? Long-term investing doesn't necessarily mean leaving your money untouched. Portfolio rebalancing is an integral part of the long-term investment process. What are some other misconceptions about long-term investing that you've come across?

Understanding the rise of DFMs​

Even as recently as five years ago, discretionary fund managers (DFMs) were hardly a feature of the South African investment industry. Since then, however, they have become increasingly influential.

Tax Efficient Income

Investors have had a love-hate relationship with the listed preference share market since the asset class first emerged. Initially the preference share market traded at an attractive premium to listing prices, however, this was followed by a downward trend towards their current, deeply discounted level. The asset class has, however, proven to be an excellent diversifier over certain periods.

Macro Update & Fund Positioning November 2020

The presentation provides an in depth look into the positioning of the New Road Capital funds over the last quarter. It also provides for a detailed Macro Update.

How SA government bonds are crowding out corporate credit

Granate Asset Management's Bronwyn Blood looks at how corporate bonds are not offering the value that they did in the past.

Choosing your investment vehicle

Cash is now like a safe car with a top speed of only 30km/h. In the same vein, bonds are also relatively safe, but can reach a top speed of 120km/h, delivering better returns that 'super-safe' cash. 

Volatility stirs active vs passive debate.

Key to success and significant rewards is picking the right active manager, writes Pedro van Gaalen.

Asset managers must be clearer about their value-add

Asset managers need to differentiate themselves by more than just performance. Those who simply keep doing what they’ve always done could find the world moving past them.

Outcomes-based investment is the future.

The team at New Road Capital talks to Moneyweb about how they are helping advisors to better align their business to future trends.

Discretionary fund managers add independence in wealth management

Financial advisors are going back to core competencies and leaving asset picking to the professionals. Click here for some more info about why this is a good thing.