Which Countries Have The Most Expensive Toll Roads?

This Chart shows the average cost of tolls roads by county in 2021.

Big Mac Index Worldwide 2021

The Big Mac can also be a good indicator for the individual purchasing power of an economy since it exists worldwide in a standard size, composition and quality.

Is Time in the Market More Important Than Timing the Market?

Many investors can get caught up in performance chasing but is it really worth it? The New Road Capital investment team had a look at how effective performance chasing really is and how starting to save earlier can impact wealth accumulation.

1.6 million people are paying most of South Africa’s income tax

Professional services firm PwC has warned that South Africa is relying too heavily on income and direct taxes – most of which are coming from a declining base of taxpayers.

How much money it takes to be in the 1% in SA – and how it compares to other countries.

Curious to know what the cutoff is to be in the wealthiest 1%? The new annual Wealth Report from Knight Frank breaks the numbers down for countries around the world – and shows the huge differences between nations.

The rand is 60 years old today.

Here is how much South Africans paid for coffee, bread, and beer in 1961.

Myth-Busting: Low Rates Don’t Justify High Valuations

The narrative in the investment world is that current low interest rates justify high equity valuations. The attached article by Nicolas Rabener from FactorResearch suggests that this may not always be the case. With equity markets at high valuations, low interest rates may not be sufficient to keep them at elevated levels indefinitely.

The Periodic Table of Commodity Returns.

Which commodity had the best returns in 2020? From gold to oil, we show how commodity price performance stacks up over the last decade. 

Reserve Bank has room for stimulus if another virus wave comes​

The SA Reserve Bank has room to provide stimulus in the event of a third wave of coronavirus infections, according to governor Lesetja Kganyago.

Annual Letter to Our Partners & Investors

2020 was a challenging year for many. At New Road Capital, we were able to turn those challenges into opportunities. 2021 will no doubt be an interesting year. Read through our annual investor letter which summarises the passed year, and looks at what could potentially be in store for the year ahead.